January 18, 2017

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,


Throughout my years of service in this country it feels like I have been constantly trying to explain that most Americans do not see Russia as their enemy. After the fall of the Soviet Union most people in the U.S. (or so it seems to me) thought something along the lines of - “well, we've won the Cold War and now we're concerned with other things,” whether it be the economy, terrorism, or any of the myriad of other domestic and global challenges that we face.

In September of this year, a long-awaited event occurred – Anton Tikhomirov began his work as a teacher at our seminary....

News of the ELC Theological Seminary

Anton Vladimirovich Tikhomirov was born on May 19 th , 1971 in Leningrad. He spent most of his preschool years with his grandmother and grandfather in the city of Luga in the Lenigrad oblast (state). He finished school in 1988. After an unsuccessful....

On the 5th and 6th of October, one of the teachers of our seminary, Anton Tikhomirov, participated in an international conference of academic theology which took place here in St. Petersburg; the conference was entitled “Social Ethics in Theological and Religious Education,”...

In the middle of February (14th -18th) of this year the Seminary held a special seminar – 12 participants from all parts of ELCROS came to becoming acquainted with the methods of teaching and materials for basic theology courses....

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