Seminary's 10th Anniversary

Seminary's 10th Anniversary

Anniversary Celebrations in Vladivostok on September 28-30, 2012


“20 years after the Restoration of St. Paul’s Church”

Where does one begin? The best way would be with this:

38 honored guests from all over the world came and among them were the following: four Bishops (Otto Schaude and his wife, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Urals, Siberia and the Far East; Gerald Mansholt and wife Anita from the Central States Synod, a companion synod to the Provost of the Far East; President Hyun-Sub Um, from the Lutheran Church in Korea, a companion church to the Provost of the Far East; and Milos Klatik, from the Lutheran Church of Slovakia, which at one time provided us a Vicar; two representatives from German Embassies:   Read Full Article in PDF

20th Seminar of the Provost of the Far East, August 4-11, 2013: “The Christian Church in the Far East and Its Place in Our Society”

We were once again at this beautiful place Buchta Witjas which is pretty far south from Vladivostok and located on the sea. We have been holding our Provost Seminar here for a couple of years. We were a pretty good number: 31 adults and 4 children. It was especially good that everyone of our congregations of our gigantic Provost were represented. Even those who are the furtherest away, Magadan, Tschita and Blagoveschtschensk were there. This allowed everyone to get to know the problems of the other congregations. We discussed and thought about everything and eventually came to an understanding. We discovered similarities and developed new perspectives. The main result of this specific seminar was that we realized anew that all of us in this gigantic Provost of the Far East belong together. Read Full Article in PDF