Baku Hosts Seminar on Luther

In late October 2016, the Rector of the Religious Theological educational institution of higher education "Theological Seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church" Anton Tikhomirov held a seminar on "Luther and the Reformation."

A feature of the seminar was that it was held in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan. At the heart of this beautiful city is alive and is active in the Lutheran community. Her pastor is a graduate of the Seminary - Menzer Ismailova.

Anton Tikhomirov told the person and teachings of Martin Luther, the most important ideas discussed with the parishioners, but also had the opportunity to preach at the Sunday service.

"I was struck by the amazing hospitality of the east, the city of beauty and incredible attention and interest in theological matters. With such a level of knowledge and interest among the "laity" are rare. Wonderful experience! Especially when experience firsthand results of a seminar on the example of service to one of its graduates. "